Help - Editing


Insert new points

Select where new points should be inserted  in the course.  Most of the time you willwant to add new points at the end of the course, but adding points before the start or after the selected point can be useful for editing existing courses.

Adjust Course

Undo last change

If you make a mistake while editing a course then click this button to undo the last change.

Reverse Course

Use this button to reverse the direction of the course.

Return to Start

This button creates a route from the last point of the course to the start point.

New Start/End Point

This button can be used to change the start and end point of a course.  You can use this feature as follows:

  1. Click the Change button
  2. Click on the map where you want the new start and end point to be.

This will create a new start point and a new end point where you clicked.  The new points will be joined to the course at the nearest point.  

After changing the start and end point you will almost certainly want to use the Reroute Section feature to reroute the start and end of the course.

Edit Type


There are 2 edit modes that can be chosen:

  • Point - for editing a single point
  • Section - for editing a section consisting of multiple points

The options available depend on the chosen edit mode.


With Point Edit Type selected click on a point on the map to select it.

You can use the arrow buttons to move between points.

The point type and description for the currently selected point can be changed.

Delete Point

Click this button to remove the currently selected point from the map.


With Section Edit Type selected click on a point to select the first point of the section you want to edit, then click on the last point of the section you want to edit.

The arrow buttons can be used to move between points.

Delete Section

Click this button to remove all points in the selected section.

Reroute Section

When you click this button the best route between the first and last points of the section will be reclalculated.